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The following articles are for the purpose of explaining community association topics to board and committee members. They may also be used in association newsletters.
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The articles below are not a substitute for consulting with legal counsel in your State regarding the specific fact situation.

Understanding Series

Understanding Assessment Collection
Understanding Taxes and Community Associations
Understanding Architectural Controls
Understanding Use Restrictions
Understanding Annual Assessments
Understanding Collections of Assessments
Understanding Leasing Restrictions
Understanding Governing Documents
Understanding Why Community Associations Use Management Companies
Understanding Section 8 Housing & Community Associations
Understanding The Board of Directors
Understanding The Officer Positions
Understanding the Purpose of a Condominium Associations
Understanding the Purpose of an HOA
Understanding the Structure of a Community Association
Understanding Insurance For Community Associations
Understanding Election of the Board 

Field Guide for Board Members

Should Boards be Compensated
Purpose and Authority of Committees
Using Residents As Vendors
Board Confidentiality
Board Code Of Conduct
Board Fiduciary Duties
Writing-Off Delinquent Assessments as Bad Debt


The Georgia POA Act & Your Association
Why Some Purchasers Don't Know They Bought Into A Mandatory Association
Retention Ponds & Homeowner Associations
The Association's First Year After Developer Turnover
Five ways to increase Association Revenues Without Raising Dues
HOA and Condo Closing Packages

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