History of Radisson

The name “Radisson” is that of the earliest known European 
Once simply called the “New Community of Lysander,” the area now named for Radisson has a long and interesting history, beginning just after the American Revolution. At that time, a grateful but impoverished Congress wished to reward its war heroes for their efforts. One of these heroes was young Colonel Marinus Willett. Congress paid its debt to Willett with the grant of a huge parcel of land. Over the years, the Willett family sold parcels of the rich farm land. John Jacob Astor purchased thousands of acres of Willett’s land and then sold small parcels to homesteading farmers.to visit the area. Pierre Esprit Radisson, a French explorer and trapper was initially captured here, he escaped, going on to form a military party and explore the Great Lakes area. He is the same person for whom the international hotel chain and Radisson outdoor product line is named, including the famous Radisson canoe.


Image above: Intersection of Rt. 31 and Willett Parkway (under construction). Photograph is looking north up Willett Parkway.

At the outset of World War II, the federal government,seeking a site to manufacture armor-piercing munitions, purchased 6,000 acres of the tract from Astor. Farming ceased and much of the land was fenced in as construction began on a large and intricate munitions works. The munitions works employed hundreds of Syracuse-area residents, but operated only briefly and closed down soon after the war. Machinery was removed, buildings demolished and slowly, the acreage returned to woodlands. Deer and other animals returned as the site became an oasis of trees, lakes, and woodland streams. The government provided 3,000 acres of this land to the State of New York for a game management area. The remaining 3,000 acres was retained for future use.A number of potential uses were suggested for this large, attractive 3,000 acre tract over the years. In 1968, officials of the New York State Urban Development Corporation (UDC) visited the area to discuss potential projects the Corporation could undertake that would benefit Central New Yorkers. The UDC was directed to the old munitions site. UDC officials agreed to study the possibility that this site could be used to absorb and control the rapid growth of Central New York’s northern area. 
Image above: Newly constructed Oberon lake, pier, and dam.
After nearly a year of preliminary study, UDC presented its plan for a brand new community - Radisson.


In 1974, the first home was constructed. Since then, our community has grown rapidly, with steady improvements in our amenities and overall quality of life. We welcome you to Radisson, and hope you will enjoy many years of working and playing here, calling this community home.


3128 Amesbury Drive, Baldwinsville, NY 13027
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